Terminal control series
Protection test series
Security service series
  • Network security control series

  • Safety test series

  • Data security exchange series

  • Monitoring alarm series

  • To control the unit network terminal access

    Deployment【Terminal access control system】,For all the access terminal computer real-time monitoring,To isolate their illegal access to the computer automatically,And automatically send the alarm information。

    To monitor unit network terminal violations outreach and blocking

    Deployment【Intranet security management system】,The regulation of illegal communications network computer,And timely notify the security administrator,Put an end to the unit network illegal computer communications,To ensure the safety of unit of Intranet。

    Mobile storage medium to achieve special、Forced isolation

    Deployment【Intranet security management system】,For a variety of mobile storage medium(For exampleUDisk、Mobile hard disk)Be used to register、Encryption processing and use of regional control and host of the peripherals port management functions。After the comprehensive deployment can be used for the entire network of mobile storage medium and peripherals port unification、Flexible、Overall control management and audit。

  • The real-time monitoring terminal sensitive information

    Deployment【Intranet security management system】,Real-time monitoring unit network terminal sensitive information(Including inspection on whether unit network computer containing sensitive information,In addition to the creation of a sensitive information、Modification、Copy operations such as real-time monitoring,Sensitive to the exchange of information and the network behavior would be a record and report generation),To prevent major leaks。

    Terminal data security encryption storage and security access

    Deployment【Intranet security management system】,On end user computers to build an encrypted file storage area,Realize the important data encryption storage,Only authorized users can access,Unauthorized users cannot access and view,To prevent the terminal data loss、Revealing and unauthorized access。